We are working on a unique project that I’ll let you get a glimpse of. They’re called Cirbots and have very cool stories to immerse your child, plus they’re only inches tall. We’ve got a website up with cool audio stories and more now, check it out here at

Identifying with a story is so very important in order to learn from it. Our Cirbot characters each have their own struggles and strengths. We’re creating stories for each character that we hope will guide your youth in similar areas of challenge.

 Meet the Cirbot Invasion



Two-Bit (Likes to get two bits more of information about things before he acts.)

RoadBlok (Sometimes we all get stuck, RoadBlok tries to help)


K.A.T. (She is our curious Cirbot, enough said!)

Chill (He’s relaxed and looks at the bright side)

TimeBomb (Timebomb struggles with his temper, but is resourceful )

Smash (He’s sort of the bad guy, we’re trying to help him)


Stinger (She is a little edgy and has trouble with her filter)


Sodapop (Our social Cirbot who loves music)



Runner-UP (He wants to be #1 , is working on supporting his friends)



Dumpster (A bit lazy at times, is working on organization)


Klump (Is a follower, is working on making his own show)




Lukie (He is working on being honest and not taking things)


Dart (She likes to avoid things that need to be done)


Happy (Is very optimistic and working on grounding)



Chief (He is one of our Leader Cirbots and is learning to delegate)



Volt (He is a power Cirbot and concerned with health)



Lockout  (Struggles with letting others help him and taking advice)


Komotion (He’s very chaotic and has thoughts everywhere)


(all character art drawn by Ruby DeSimone)